If you like your racing fast, loud and colourful, then you will like whats on show here. Imports of the great American sport, the UK Sprint Cars race on the flatter, narrower, and relatively short oval tracks of the UK. A 350 cubic inch naturally aspirated engine in a car that only weighs 700kg, has an unrivalled track presence with their V8 soundtrack and iconic bodywork style. The massive wing on top, that helps turn the horsepower into speed through the tyres, where the outside rear can measure up to a staggering 18 inches wide and stand 33 inches tall. You won't easily forget their show, performed on quarter mile dirt and asphalt speedways across the UK and Europe.

2014 News:

Get to know the drivers you will see on track in 2014 . . . including some new talent to the sport!
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Find out what makes the UK Sprint Cars some of the fastest cars on the short ovals! See the full car spec and information.
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UK Sprint Car Honours

2014 European Champion:
#69 Duncan Panton

2014 Long-Track Champion:
#11 Ben White

2014 English Champion:
#11 Ben White

2014 Dirt Champion:
#69 Duncan Panton

2014 Southern Champion:
#6 Vince O'Connor


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